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We all have a way of putting our own words in Jesus’ mouth. We all have an opinion about who Jesus is. We put so many words in Jesus’ mouth, but who did he say he was? How did Jesus describe himself to other people? What does the Bible record about Jesus….in his own words?

Join us each weekend through Easter Sunday.

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Our Last 10 Weeks

Jesus....In His Own Words: Bread

Jesus....In His Own Words

Guest Speaker - David Mosterd

ReFocus - Walking With God

Let the Dirt Do Its Work: Trouble

Let the Dirt Do Its Work: Rejection

Let the Dirt Do Its Work: Insecurity

1 Samuel 17 Selections
Bryan Van Soelen, Lead Pastor

Let the Dirt Do Its Work: Disappointment

Let the Dirt Do Its Work

Ordinary Resolutions

Colossians 3:17

Mike Van Drie, Director of Student Ministries

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