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Embrace Adoption

The mission and vision of the Embrace Team is to help Providence Church fulfill its biblical responsibility to care for orphans through awareness, advocacy, and by providing financial and relational support to those touched by adoption and foster care.

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Emily Perton

Our Parish Area

Van Raalte Ave. west to Ottawa Ave., 32nd St. north to 18th St., We seek to be intentional about befriending and blessing the community in which we live. We attempt to share our time, talents and treasure with persons of every age, life situation and culture. Our particular focus is to reach today’s families raising children. For that reason our ministries have a decidedly youthful focus. We would love to have you participate in this family of faith. If you need financial assistance, our deacons are available to talk with you on Mondays, at the Information Center in the Lobby, between 6-6:30 PM.

Our Global Neighbors

Arvid & Nilda Avery are serving with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in China.

Dr. Stephen Kaziimba serves as a Bishop in Mityana, Uganda.  There he oversees 500 congregations, 570 schools, 80 ordained clergy and 500 layreaders.  The area Stephen serves is very economically depressed, and he and his wife, Margaret, receive no salary from the Ugandan Church.  Providence Church supports them with a small monthly salary that provides for their basic needs.

Gene & Linda Klaasen (Project India)   Gene and Linda Klaasen make twice yearly mission trips to India training village pastors with Timothy Leadership Training materials. They also partner with Jessy and Sunita Mindi to meet the needs of kids and widows through Harvest Mission Kids Home.

Steve & Jan Michmerhuizen – CRWM – Romania Transformational Networks
Steve and Jan Michmerhuizen work with churches and organizations promoting the Gospel in Romania. They work in areas of Youth Leadership ministry, Stewardship, Agricultural and Creation Care, and Timothy Leadership Training. The Michmerhuizen’s serve in Romania with Christian Reformed World Missions.

Jessy and Sunita Mindi manage a home for 57 village and slum children in Vizag as a way to give these children of poverty an opportunity to meet Jesus, be educated, and experience the love of Jesus in their lives. They also use these contacts to do evangelism in the slums and isolated villages.

Ron & Barb Wayner Ron and Barb Wayner are living in Chickabon, Alaska and have teamed up with Kingdom Air which prepares missionary pilots and aviation mechanics with the skills they need for spreading the Gospel to remote areas.  Ron gives flight instruction for mountain flying and flying in and out of remote air strips. He is also teaching maintenance and inspection of aircraft. Barb is sharing the love of Jesus at the Hiland Correctional Facility, which is the only prison in Alaska for women.