What We Believe

The words found in the Bible are the very Words of God. These words teach us what we need to know about Him, and instruct us on how to live a joy-filled, God-honoring life.

There is just one God who has revealed Himself in three persons: Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Our God created all things including the crown of His creation, women and men, with who He entered into a deep, meaningful and joy-filled relationship.

Through sin and disobedience, people have chosen to leave this wonderful fellowship with God.  This choice has, in turn, left the entire world and all creation broken and in pain.

Christian Reformed Church North America

We call ourselves the Christian Reformed Church in North America.  What does that mean?

  • We call ourselves Christian because we are followers of Jesus Christ.  We believe that Jesus was the Son of God and that he is the center of human history.
  • We’re called Reformed because we grow on a branch of the church tree that emerged from the Protestant Reformation in 16th century Europe.
  • We’re a Church because we believe God has called us together to be a people who belong to Him and live for Him.
  • North America tells you where we are situated, but it also tells you we’re connected with other Reformed denominations in other places around the globe.

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Faith Basics

Every engaged couple knows that they will need to assemble  certain “must-have” items, like a bed, a kitchen table, dishes, and bath towels, in order to be prepared for their new life together. There are just certain basics that every home needs so its occupants can live daily life there.In the Christian life, there are also important “faith basics” that we all need, those core elements that help to give us the foundation for living our daily lives as Christ followers.  Included in this booklet, you will find a select set of those “basics”.  We at Providence Church believe these core Scriptures and doctrines are so important to understanding and living out our faith that we are challenging each of our members, old and young alike, to commit these basics to memory.  We believe that storing these foundational truths deep in our hearts and minds will help each of us to express our faith to others, give us guidelines for living, find comfort in challenging times, and remind us of our purpose in life.  We encourage you to use this booklet with your families at the dinner table, at bedtime, or any time you talk with your children about faith and how to live it out. (Deut. 6:6-9).

As a church body, we are committed to learning and understanding these faith basics together.  You will notice sermon series and elements in our worship services that help us to engage with these foundational “must-haves”.  Our children’s and youth departments will include them as they explore faith with our kids.   We pledge to do our part in helping to plant the passages in this booklet into our collective hearts.  We ask that you would also personally commit to making them a part of the foundation of your faith.  Together, we will all be richer and better equipped for living daily life as  Christ followers!

Faith Basics

Essentials for Believers